Help out. Let the oxidation process begin.
There are several ways you can help out:
1. I'm a very busy person (school, job, games, etc.) and a lot of times I can't get my hands on Hyung-tae Kim related material - sometimes it's just the money, sometimes it's just too much of a hassle.
So, if you have any pictures available that aren't in the gallery, feel free to submit them. Just drop me an e-mail with the attachment of the picture. I'll be happy to look over it, upload it, and give credit/a big thanks to you. :D (Refer to #3 if you're interested in becoming an admin for the gallery.)

2. If you happen to know a lot about games that Hyung-tae Kim has done artwork for, then helping me out with labeling images (character names, area/location, monsters, etc.) would be great! This is something I really have NO time for. Just drop me an e-mail stating that you'd like to help. You'll receive an admin account to conduct your business.

3. is always looking for promotions to help support your products and/or company. If you are interested in having promote for you, please drop me an e-mail and we can negotiate a stable plan. | | |