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Hyung-tae Kim
Name: Kim, Hyung-tae (김형태, キム・ヒョンテ)
Birthdate: Febuary, 1978
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Known Languages: Korean (native), English, Japanese
Hobbies: Drawing, playing games, dancing
Custom(s): Tending his back
Likes: Everything he doesn't like
Dislikes: Dishonest people
Tools: Wacom Tablet, Painter
Computer Specs: Pentium3 700Mhrz, 512 RAM

Name: Rachel
Formally Known As: Rae, Raechell
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 7, 1988
Residence: Georgia
Occupation: Student
Interests: Music, art, video games, web design, reading, writing, drawing, ... | | |