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Official Softmax Site (EN/KR/JP)
Official WoG III Site (KR)
Official MC Site (EN/KR)
Official MC:CS/ToB Site (JP) 2 (KR)

Dreamboy G3 - good site for WoG III (KR)
44Magnum's Homepage - Taek-jin Choi's homepage (KR) - Lee K.J.'s homepage (KR)
Ultra Jump (JP)

Hyung-tae Kim Related Links
HTK's personal art page (JP)
HTK's SSIS art page (EN/KR/JP)

Shopping Resources & Links - Hyung-tae Kim artbooks - Hyung-tae Kim artbooks
OVERTOP - lots of Softmax products (JP) - a service that allows you to bid/buy items from Japanese auction web sites (Yahoo! Japan, etc.)
Ebay member #1 #2 #3 #4 - sometimes stocks Softmax games (EN/KR/JP)

Interviews & Special Features
HTK Sketching Tutorial @ GuuMedia
HTK Illustration Feature (KR)

Miscellaneous Links - WoG III & MC wallpapers - WoG III & MC wallpapers
Painting Tutorial - Tutorial on painting in Painter like Hyung-Tae Kim
H-T.K DeviantArt Club - Please join! :D
Official HTK Fanlisting
Softmax Livejournal
Official Atlus Message Board - Lots of MC:ToB information for the English release!

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